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Welcome to the World of Safe Lasers

Welcome to the World of Safe Lasers
As multifunctional medical devices, laser devices have been used by doctors and scientists for more than 50 years, with thousands of clinical studies published in recent years showcasing the healing power of low-level laser therapy for more than 100 different kinds of diseases.

Where We Fit In

Our goal from the very beginning has been to create the best laser devices on the market, boasting the widest application abilities in order to treat a myriad of diseases with the same device. In so doing, our engineers have placed formidable healing power into the smallest laser device to make it as portable as possible – so our customers can take it in their pocket and bring it along to work or even on a family holiday getaway.

Sound too good to be true? Here’s some convincing background: The Safe Laser physicist engineers spent years developing a special optical system which renders the high-power medical lasers absolutely safe, all so that patients are able to use the devices at home without the need for safety glasses.

The Highest Quality and Ultimate in Durability

The laser light stimulates the body’s own healing ability, with Safe Laser products providing a harmless solution for home and professional users. What’s more, our high-quality, ultra-durable devices can:

  • Reduce and eliminate pain and inflammation
  • Allow use of our patented laser technology outside of a clinical environment
  • Offer a wide range of applications for everything from skin, dental and ear problems to musculoskeletal disorders and joint issues
  • Be used by any age group

While our devices can be used in cases with patients that have been verified as having a diagnosed disease, we do not recommend it for treating pain from an unknown origin.

The Future of Laser-Based Medical Treatment is Here

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