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Low Level Laser Therapy: Promoting Faster Healing of Injuries for Athletes

The key to effective rehabilitation when it comes to high-performance athletics and Safe Laser is the fusion of high-performance and full confidence – put succinctly, professional athletes need professional laser therapy.

An athlete, whether professional or amateur, routinely push their bodies to the limit, breaking through pain and energy thresholds each time they compete. Whenever an athlete puts stress on the body, the risk of injury or pressure on muscles, ligaments and tendons is significantly increased. The key strategies we’re referring to here are injury prevention and post-sport recovery; low level laser therapy is now widely used by professional athletes around the world to provide them with a competitive edge by preventing tissue damage and promoting faster healing when such damage occurs.

When injuries transpire, an athlete focuses on a single goal: To recover and get back in the game. Low level laser therapy promotes natural regeneration of stressed tissues, thus re-energizing the body at the cellular level.

Prior to competition, low level laser therapy provides:

  • Improved flexibility of muscles and tendons
  • Enhanced lymphatic flow to drain cellular waste
  • Increased circulation, carrying oxygen throughout the body
  • Improved joint movement, promoting greater mobility and functionality

For post-performance recover, laser therapy works to:

  • Increase production of endorphins for pain reduction
  • Increase rate of cellular growth and repair
  • Reduce fibrous tissue formation around injured areas
  • Stimulate tissue healing

Athletes can further benefit from laser therapy long after competition by supporting healthy living and rehabilitation for post-injury treatment or surgery. Further, LLLT provides relief of muscle spasms and soreness, reduces swelling, heals wounds faster, lessens joint stiffness and, most significantly, reduces pain.

Unlike medication or ice to numb pain, low-level laser light penetrates deeply, targeting the areas of pain and promoting healing at the source. For this reason alone, it’s no wonder more athletes and weekend warriors are turning to this non-invasive and often more effective way to prepare, perform and recover during the sporting season.

Whether you perform at elite levels or are an enthusiastic amateur, as an athlete you’re at high risk of suffering injuries and resulting inflammation. Sports injuries do more than just retire someone to the sideline – they can end a season and crush the ambitions of any athlete and sports figure. Even for the recreational sportsperson, an injury can limit him or her in many ways and discourage a healthy lifestyle.

For cyclists, swimmers, tennis players or those that engage in contact sports, there are wide-ranging risks to the body – any impact, severe force or stress on our bodies can cause injury. The cells endure trauma and, in response, inflammatory cells invade muscle tissue.

Remaining fit and being active has enormous benefits to your physical and mental health; the pluses outweigh the injury risks in these instances, because if injury occurs, the priority is placed on a speedy recovery and minimizing long-term damage and ongoing pain, helping you get back to what you love.

What Safe Laser can offer athletes who suffer from muscle pain, injuries and fatigue:

  • Increased body healing capacity
  • Ease-of-use for post-workout activities
  • Tissue healing up to 8 centimetres deep (SL-500)
  • Acute and chronic problem treatment
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Increased microcirculation in the body

Safe Laser is a must-have accessory for personal trainers and trainers, as well.