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Safe Laser 500 Infra - Your Musculoskeletal Expert

The Perfect Solution for Musculoskeletal Disorders
Designed specifically for musculoskeletal disorders and bundled with a host of special accessories that can be used for ear, nose and throat (ENT) problems, the Safe Laser Infrared 500 represents a Hungarian medical invention that features an advanced medical-certified laser used by hospitals, in addition to a unique feature that allows it to be used at home. This formidably powerful Safe Laser is effective up to a depth of 8 centimetres, with a number of additional accessories that make it the most versatile Safe Laser device.

The Modern Answer to Chronic Pain

If you have been unnecessarily suffering from chronic pain, the SL-500 penetrates deep tissue up to 8 centimeters in depth using a biostimulation effect to heal fractures, joints, muscles and tendons. The device is also a perfect solution for treating skin diseases including acne, eczema or slow-healing wounds, and even dental and mouth problems. You can use our variable accessories to extend the application range even further into treating ear symptoms – and that’s just the beginning.

The SL-500 is also suitable for regeneration of cartilage and cartilage surface joints when applied in a higher dose.

 How it Works

The device is put onto the skin above the painful or inflamed area for 3-5 minutes, 1-2 times per day. For ear, nasal and oral cavity health applications, the use of fiber optic and absorbing heads is required.

The SL-500 has been designed for all ages, is very easy to operate, boasts lightweight but durable construction elements, uses only one button for intuitive functioning and comes with a long-life rechargeable battery – all of which combine to make it the best solution for home and professional users alike.

*Massage therapists, physiotherapists, doctors and veterinarians can take advantage of this patented laser technology equipment without any special insurance or the use of safety glasses.

 Duration of Treatments

Depending on the disease, differing energy quantities (joules) are introduced via the SL-500 to achieve efficient healing. Thus, higher energy output is provided by prolonged irradiation.

4-10 Joule Energy = 2+ Minutes Irradiation – Treats strains, bruises, muscle spasms, light musculoskeletal injuries, acute and chronic inflammations, dental and mouth disorders and dermatologic diseases plus improves microcirculation.

15 Joule Energy = 3 Minutes Irradiation – Relieves pain and severe musculoskeletal disorders.

25 Joule Energy = 4-5 Minutes Irradiation – Supports cartilage regeneration and treats musculoskeletal injuries in deep layers; ruptures of taenia, muscle or tendons and fractures (in the beginning, even at twice-per-day).

The SL-500 should be your Safe Laser solution because it:
- Kills pain and relieves inflammation
- Boasts advanced technology in a lightweight aluminum case
- Is easy for all ages to operate
- Exhibits durable construction
- Is based on a patented technology that’s proven to work

     Doctors Can Benefit, Too

    Dermatologists, primary doctors, beauty therapists and veterinarians can all extend their equipment applications and provide patented laser technology treatment without any special insurance with the SL-500.

      What is in the box

    - Safe Laser 500 Infra device
    - 1x 18650 rechargeable battery
    - 1x USB charger
    - 1x USB cable
    - 1x EU + 1x UK power adapter 
    - Wooden box

     Technical Information

    - Performance: 500mW continuous radiation
    - Wavelength: 808nm (infra light)
    - 18650 battery
    1 year warranty
    30 days satisfaction guarantee

    For more information about Safe Laser 500 
    (treatment time, tips, technical information), 
    visit our introduction page HERE