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for Safe Laser 500
Radiation Absorbing Head for SL-500
Radiation Absorbing Head for SL-500


Product Description

Because the mucus membrane is very thin (and populated by a copious amount of blood vessels), laser light is able to irradiate the blood flowing through the nostrils with almost zero attenuation…and that’s where our radiation absorbing head for the SL-500 comes into play.The head is placed on the Safe Laser 500, which is then placed into the nostril and switched on for 3 minutes, after which time the laser is switched off and moved to the other side for another 3 minutes.

Benefits at a Glance: 

 Normalizes blood pressure 

Prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases 

Boasts an extremely beneficial effect in the prevention and post-treatment of circulatory disorders including heat attacks, strokes and thrombosis 

Reduces or eliminates the harmful levels of adhesion of red blood cells (blood clotting) 

Helps maintain and restore healthy blood circulation, thereby improving the blood and oxygen supply to the organs 

Reduces high blood fat and cholesterol levelsHelps increase the blood flow in cases of arteriosclerosis and vasoconstriction25mW continuos power - 3min/4 Joule energy 

Safe Laser 500 Other Accessories

Fiber Optic Head

for Safe Laser 500

Price: £79

 for ENT problems

 for Dental problems

120mW continuous radiation

 25 seconds  =  4 Joule energy 

Adapter Ring

for Safe Laser 500

Price: £7

 Easy to use

 for Nostril Head

 for Fiber Optic Head

 Durable rubber material 

Safe Laser Gel

for all type of Safe Lasers

Price: £59

 Special ingredients

Fade pigment spots

 Helps regenerate normal tissues

 Stimulates the production of collagen

Safe Laser Devices

Safe Laser 150

for Home Users

Price: £599

 660nm (red light)

Rechargeable Battery

150mW continuous radiation

 Affect up to 3 centimetres deep tissues

Safe Laser 500 Infra

for Home and Professional Users

Price: £1199

 808nm (red light)

Rechargeable Battery

500mW continuous radiation

 Affect up to 8 centimetres deep tissues

Safe Laser 1800 Infra

for Home and Professional Users

Price: £3899

 808nm (piros fény)

Rechargeable Battery

1800mW continuous radiation

 Affect up to 10 centimetres deep tissues


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