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for Home and Professional Users
Safe Laser SL-500
Safe Laser SL-500Safe Laser SL-500Safe Laser SL-500Safe Laser SL-500Safe Laser SL-500Safe Laser SL-500


Illnesses, disorders, applications

 Acute and chronic problem treatment

 Muscle and tendon injuries

 Ligament and joint capsule injuries

Rheumatic pain and inflammation

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Rotator cuff injuries, Epicondylitis

Hematoma, post-operative swelling and arthritis, bone fractures

 Symptoms of Skin problems

Inflamed varicose veins and inflamed haemorrhoids

 Toothaches, Infections, After Care

Around dental implants it helps the gum (ossification phase) 

✔ Lockjaw (Trismus) 

 Helps the healing of ear and ear canal inflammation 


Ear itching 

Recommended for Home and Professional Users

Designed specifically for musculoskeletal disorders and bundled with a host of special accessories that can be used for ear, nose and throat (ENT) problems. The Safe Laser Infrared 500 represents a Hungarian medical invention that features an advanced medical-certified laser used by hospitals, in addition to a unique feature that allows it to be used at home. This formidably powerful Safe Laser is effective up to a depth of 8 centimeters, with a number of additional accessories that make it the most versatile Safe Laser device. 

The SL-500 has been designed for all ages, is very easy to operate, boasts lightweight but durable construction elements, uses only one button for intuitive functioning and comes with a long-life rechargeable battery – all of which combine to make it the best solution for home and professional users alike.  


• Performance: 500mW continuous radiation

• Wavelength: 808nm (red light)

• Rechargeable battery

• Durable, aluminium case

• 1 year guarantee

• 30days satisfaction guarantee

What is in the box

• Safe Laser 500 device

• Rechargeable battery x1

• USB charger + cable

• Nostril head

• Manual

What type of disorders you can treat with the Safe Laser 500 Infra

Introducing Safe Laser 500 Infra

Musculoskeletal symptoms - in top and deeper tissues

• Joints

• Muscle and tendon injuries

• Strain

• Sprain

• Contusion

• Abrasion

• Bruise

• Bone fractures

• Rotator cuff injuries

• Epicondylitis

Dermatological conditions - Cosmetic treatments

• The device assists the healing of tissue in case of epidermal surface injuries, bruises / scratches, post-operative wounds alongside bedsores and ulcers • Assists in the healing of herpes 

• SL500 - Assists in the healing of acne

• Refine wrinkles

• Increase collagen production

• Eczema

• Postoperative scars

• Extensive wounds

• Leg ulcers (eg. diabetic patients) 

• Decubitus

• Special skin rejuvenation treatment with the Safe Laser Gel

Dental and oral diseases

Diseases of skin surface and mucous membrane (e.g. herpes, mouth wounds, ulcers,sores) and gingivitis, periodontitis, gum bleeding can be treated more efficiently with the optional fibre optics.

The SL500 device must be used with the optional fiber optics accessory for dental and oral applications.

Close to skin surface:

• Mouth soreness

• Herpes

• Aphtha

• Atrophy and bleeding of gums

• Inflammations

In deeper tissues:

• Reduction of toothache and inflammation (elimination)

• Faster recovery after dental treatment

Otolaryngology complaints

• In many cases, the device reduces or eliminates Tinnitus

• In the case of acute hearing loss, treatment with the fiber optic will result in betterhearing. The main cause of the acute hearing loss is the insufficient local circulation due to bacterial or viral inflammation, and a systematic blood circulation problem. Owing to the laser's local anti-inflammatory effect, it improves the circulation in the inner ear, which can lead to improved hearing. 

• It relieves the symptoms of sinusitis and respiratory inflammation.




Treatments with Safe Laser 500 Infra

Treatment methods and duration (in one spot)

The device is simple to use, requiring you to put it on your skin above the pain-riddled or inflamed area for 3-5 minutes, one to two times per day. For ear, nasal and oral cavity health problems, use of the specific heads is required. The rechargeable battery provides power for days, and because of the unit’s small size and lightweight technology characteristics, the SL-500 can be placed into your bag.

Depending on the disease, differing energy quantities (joules) are introduced via the SL-500 to achieve efficient healing. Thus, higher energy output is provided by prolonged irradiation.

Two kinds of treatments are possible with the SL-500: 

• Skin surface treatment 

• Mouth, nose and ear treatment with nasal accessory and fiber optics 

Treatment time: 

• Safe Laser 500 placed on skin – 2-5 minutes (4-25 Joule Energy) 

• Safe Laser 500 with Nasal Accessory – 3 minutes on each nostril (4 Joule Energy) 

• Safe Laser 500 with Fibre Optics – 25 seconds (4 Joule Energy) 

Dose (Joule/cm2):

• 4-10 Joule energy per points (2+ minutes): Treats strains, bruises, muscle spasms, light musculoskeletal injuries, acute and chronic inflammations, dental and mouth disorders and dermatologic diseases plus improves microcirculation.

• 15 Joule energy - per points (3 minutes):Relieves pain and severe musculoskeletal disorders.

25 Joule energy - per points (4-5 minutes): Supports cartilage regeneration and treats musculoskeletal injuries in deep layers; ruptures of taenia, muscle or tendons and fractures (in the beginning, even at twice-per-day).

When to expect improvement

In certain cases laser light provides rapid results. Improvements come into effect within minutes/hours in following cases: pain soothing, reduction of acute inflammations, bettering of microcirculation, muscle strain, resolution of muscle cramp.Concerning other problems the effect may be noticed within days/weeks.


The Safe Laser devices can be used for investigated disorders (diseases diagnosed by doctors), and it is recommended that only persons 18 years of age and older use the lasers. Do not use the nasal mucosa lightening method on babies and young children due to the relatively powerful light which may prove irritating to the eyes. 

Irradiation of the lower abdomen or the nasal mucosa in the case of pregnant women and open fontanelles in the case of infants is prohibited due to congestion (potentially dangerous) increase. For individuals suffering with severe blood clotting problems, use of the device is also not recommended. Further, it is suggested that users do not illuminate malignant tumors, thyroid and breast areas or fungal skin surfaces. 

Direct radiation of paint moles can be dangerous because it is considered to be a pre-cancerous condition. 

The lasers should never be pointed directly into the eyes.


Safe Laser 150

for Home Users

Price: £599

 660nm (red light)

Rechargeable Battery

150mW continuous radiation

 Affect up to 3 centimetres deep tissues

Safe Laser 500 Infra

for Home and Professional Users

Price: £1199

 808nm (red light)

Rechargeable Battery

500mW continuous radiation

 Affect up to 8 centimetres deep tissues

Safe Laser 1800 Infra

for Home and Professional Users

Price: £3899

 808nm (piros fény)

Rechargeable Battery

1800mW continuous radiation

 Affect up to 10 centimetres deep tissues


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